A Brief Introduction

Wilson’s Story

Wilson has noticed his neighborhood is changing. Many homes in his neighborhood are being torn down, and new homes appear. Sometimes, it’s one house, sometimes it is more than one house. Sometimes, land just sits as vacant land for no apparent reason.

There are times re-zoning signs appear, letters show up in the mail, but often times houses that once were standing are torn down, just like that. New homes are built, sometimes, 2, 4, or more where one house once alone sat. Wilson began to wonder, what’s in my backyard, or my side yard, or my plat all together?

Wilson makes the decision he’d maybe like to also consider a move..make a change…maybe it might make sense to find out just what the whole thing means in dollars and cents. Wilson has tried to Google the matter, called Metro Davidson, asked his neighbors, what is going on? He found it discouraging because “one size fit all” answers didn’t always seem to apply.

One day Wilson noticed a sign “What’s in my backyard”? Curious, Wilson decided to call.

Meet Barbara Adams

Real Estate Broker, Land Consultant

Barbara Adams, is an experienced real estate broker and land consultant with Amerikey Realty. With over 30 years of experience, she has helped countless people in the Metro Davidson area gain wealth with their property by offering many possible real property scenarios to help YOU the home owner. Those options include sub dividing your lot, keeping your home and pay it off with the lot sale proceeds!

Barbara Adams, along with her experienced team can explain to you the possible choices in making your real estate investment/property work for you, if you decide to do so. Keep in mind there is not just one option, but many possible scenarios available.

We all know, Nashville is not the same city it once was 10 years ago. With big corporations moving in, and an increasing population boom, more people are seeking home ownership within the downtown area. This increase for demand is driving up housing prices and real estate property values all over the city. This increase in demand is allowing many current downtown homeowners to capitalize on their real estate holdings by selling or subdividing their property.

Whether this is something you’re thinking of doing, the most critical element is knowing someone you can trust and that can help educate you on your best options on getting the highest value for your property. (This includes tips on how not to fall prey to low ball offers and scams to undervalue your property’s equity.

Barbara and her team’s biggest goal is to provide you with the best real estate property assessment possible to determine your properties current value and its future potential.

Whether it’s today or tomorrow, making the right decision NEEDS to be an educated decision. Today, Nashville’s real estate market is growing fast, and having knowledge on what to do next IS power. Knowing when the time is right to sell is everything, whether it is either part of your property or making a move altogether!

That’s why Amerikey Realty has designed “What’s in my back yard?.” A program designed to assist property owners (like you) and increase your understanding of what IS going on with the changing landscape of urban Nashville and how it might affect the market value of your property.

No Signatures. No Obligation. Just Advice.

Call Barbara Adams today for your FREE PROPERTY. She has helped countless homeowners turn their property into value.

Contact her today to find out “What’s in your backyard”?
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Waddell Johnson: Sylvan Heights, writes:
I met Barbara Adams about 3 years ago. I was looking to try to move but needed to sell my house before I could. A company had been constantly calling me trying to buy my home. Barbara Adams told me to wait and talk to her first. She saved me a lot of money, and sold my house allowing me to move on. We waited for the right time, she was patient. She helped me find my dream home and get ready to retire.

Jackie O: East Nashville, writes:
Here’s to Barbara – my hero. She navigated through the confusing and complicated process of selling my extra lot without blinking an eye. I’m so grateful for the seamless and low stress experience, which I attribute solely to Barbara and her many years of experience. She took what was an idea in my mind many years ago, and made my hopes of paying off my mortgage a reality. For me, there is no greater sense of security and independence. I’m looking forward to meeting my new neighbors!