Meet Wilson.

Wilson has noticed his neighborhood is changing. Many homes in his neighborhood are being torn down, and new homes appear. Sometimes, it’s one house, sometimes it is more than one house. Sometimes, land just sits as vacant land for no apparent reason.

There are times re-zoning signs appear, letters show up in the mail, but often times houses that once were standing are torn down, just like that. New homes are built, sometimes, 2, 4, or more where one house once alone sat. Wilson began to wonder, what’s in my backyard, or my side yard, or my plat all together?

Wilson makes the decision he’d maybe like to also consider a move..make a change…maybe it might make sense to find out just what the whole thing means in dollars and cents. Wilson has tried to Google the matter, called Metro Davidson, asked his neighbors, what is going on? He found it discouraging because “one size fit all” answers didn’t always seem to apply.

One day Wilson noticed a sign “What’s in my backyard”? Curious, Wilson decided to call.

Barbara Adams, an experienced real estate broker and land consultant with Amerikey Realty explained to Wilson what his possible choices could be if he decided to explore his options.

Wilson learned there is not just one option, but many possible scenarios available. Even the possible option to sub divide his lot, keep his home and pay it off with the lot sale proceeds!

Finally! Wilson understood what is going on in his neighborhood and many others near him. Now, he can make an educated decision whenever the time is right for him, should he decide to make a move!

Amerikey Realty has designed “What’s in my back yard?” to assist property owners understand what IS going on with the changing landscape of urban Nashville and how it might affect the market value of their property.

Barbara Adams, has helped countless homeowners make a move!

Contact her today to find out “What’s in your backyard”?
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Jackie O: East Nashville, writes:
Here’s to Barbara – my hero. She navigated through the confusing and complicated process of selling my extra lot without blinking an eye. I’m so grateful for the seamless and low stress experience, which I attribute solely to Barbara and her many years of experience. She took what was an idea in my mind many years ago, and made my hopes of paying off my mortgage a reality. For me, there is no greater sense of security and independence. I’m looking forward to meeting my new neighbors!