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The Gulch

Upscale Posh Urban Living

The Gulch represents everything posh and cool Nashville has to offer. The 2 mile stretch along 12th Ave, hold some of the most exclusive places to live and eat in all of Nashville, it is also one of the closest areas to live in proximity to Downtown.
As far as condos and apartments are concerned the Gulch holds one of the highest price tags in all of Nashville. Its  vast array of retail, fine dining, and boutique stores offers some of the most glamorous in the city. Some of the biggest and best the Gulch has to offer includes: STK Steakhouse, Otuku Ramen, Okutu Bar, Sunda Asian Fusion, Yazoo Brewery, Suprica, and Sambuca. Sambuca offers nightly entertainment featuring both contemporary jazz as well as other popular music styles.
Further down 12th St. is the newly constructed area called the Gulch North, a large mixed use development offering downtown apartment living as well as large array of dining and retail options below. Publix has also put in a grocery location there. Some popular places to visit in that area are Pins Mechanical Company, ML Rose and the popular music venue, 12th and Porter. Strong multitudes of growing businesses and shops continue to be constructed as well as town homes and condominiums in and around the area.
Some high-rise condominiums in this area include: High-rises of Nashville, Velocity, Mercury View Lofts, Icon, Terrazo, Twelve Twelve, and Crossroads Apartments.
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The Station Inn

The Best Things Never Change

The Station Inn is regarded as one of Nashville’s most treasured musical venues. Known for their contemporary roster of both traditional and modern bluegrass, the Station Inn continues to hold weekly shows showcasing some of the best traditional Bluegrass and country music Nashville has to offer.
As everything changes around the venue and continues to get built up with more high-rise condos and businesses, we are glad to see that some of Nashville’s most treasured landmarks aren’t changing with the times. The Station Inn was in the Gulch when it was nothing but train yards and warehouses over a decade ago. We’re glad to see its still standing strong.
The Station Inn has become somewhat famous among locals for their Monday night jam sessions which frequently includes Vince Gill and his band, the Time Jumpers as well as Alison Krauss.

Pins Mechanical Company

Duckpin Bowling Arcades and More

With the emergence of mini warehouses in the Nashville area being converted into thriving businesses, Pins Mechanical Company is a successful franchise that comes out of Ohio and took perfect advantage of the growing opportunity.
Pins Mechanical Company is a great place to enjoy old-school entertainment in a thriving modern industrial setting. Choose between duckpin bowling or classic pinball. The interior offers a wide range of entertainment options including draft beers and theme drinks that will transport you back to a 1950s counterculture. 16 bit video games rule as Pins Nashville features open concept spacing with large garage door openings upstairs and down as well as welcoming local food truck options outside with three full-size bars and 24 taps.
Their outdoor patio is also stocked with additional seating, outdoor games such as bocce ball and oversized beer pong as well as fire pits.
Pins mechanical club offers unique twist on an indoor outdoor entertainment facility, you definitely will want to check this out!

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