Nashville REALTOR with AmeriKey Realty, Inc.

Licensed Architect NY & CT

LEED A.P. (Certified LEED Accredited Professional by the US Green Building Council)

The following is an overview of Ron Cosentino’s Professional Experience as an architect and construction manager. Now as a Nashville Realtor with AmeriKey Realty, Ron Consentino specializes in commercial and residential real estate in the Greater Area of Nashville, TN. While he was an Architect his projects ranged from new buildings, renovations, small Alterations and Additions up to and including Additions of 245,000 SF. Project Budgets were in excess of $45,500,000.00.

Ron Cosentino has also provided design and construction consulting for roofing projects that have exceeding 230,000 square feet in size, including new roofs, re-roofs, and restorations. Renovation projects included areas up to 87,000 square feet, in functioning facilities. He has also provided asbestos abatement design documents per state regulations for renovation projects.

  Ron Cosentino has designed and worked with the following building types and clients:

• Federal Transit Administration – Mass Transportation Bus Facilities

• County – Emergency Response Centers

• NYS School Districts – School Buildings, Bus Facilities, Administration Offices

• U.S. Navy Department of Defense – Recreation Facilities

• State Agencies, Municipalities, Town Halls

• New York City School Construction Authority – School Buildings

• Colleges and Academies – Classrooms, Science Rooms

• Commercial – Warehouse, Retail, Offices, Restaurants and Kitchens

• Franchise Prototypes – Chock-Full-O-Nuts, Doughnuttery, London Smoke Shop

• Industrial – Thin Film Vapor Deposition Decorative Finishing

• Religious – Church, Chapel, Meeting Rooms

• Service Stations – Underground Bulk Liquid Storage Tanks and Dispensing Systems

• Facility Lifecycle Audits and Building Surveys, and Assessments

• Rainwater Catchment Systems for Vehicle/Bus Wash Systems

• New Department of Public Works Highway Facilities

• Public Libraries – renovations

• Building Inspections both residential and commercial

Ron Cosentino’s passion has always been to work with a client and deliver a project to them that most meets their needs and at the same time is within their budget. Now as a Real Estate Agent he has the same passion, but now it is to save them time and money and get them a better deal if he’s their agent. He can do this because as an Architect and Construction Manager he knows buildings.

He has designed new buildings included all site work, roads, all electrical, plumbing, and mechanical systems, permitted entrances from State and County roads with turning lanes, and Wetland relocations/restorations. He has designed new and renovated commercial kitchens, including high volume kitchens to feed 350 persons every 45 minutes, as well as Central Cook Chill Facilities, and food courts.

Additionally, Ron Cosentino has designed residential units for housing developments. His experience includes designing residential developments, including, single family and multi-family units. He has also designed manufacturing equipment for the Thin Film Vapor Deposition industry; designed prototypes for the franchise industry, including the stainless-steel equipment for restaurant franchises; and designed special use rooms such as auditoriums, laboratories, and fully equipped science rooms.


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Ron Cosentino

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