At Amerikey Realty we believe “firsts” are special…and home buying should be too!

Anything you experience for the first time is special. For instance…Your first birthday, first pet, first bike ride, first romance, first marriage, first child, etc. Maybe you decided to be daring, and book your first trip out of the country? Maybe you got brave enough to finally deliver your first big presentation at work?

The point is firsts…well, they can be scary, but home buying doesn’t have to be.

More than likely, at some point, you’ll want to take the leap, and finally claim your own little slice of heaven. Your FIRST HOME and that a BIG DEAL.

At Amerikey, we know how intimidating and confusing this process can be. Contracts, deadlines, inspections, declaimers, trust money, and the list goes on and on. It’s a lot, even for the average person, but it doesn’t have to be!

That’s why we’ve taken the time to break down this process for our future clients in what we like to call our “First Time Home Buying 101” Slideshow. Below you will find this presentation SUPER informative and easy to understand. This presentation is designed to help educate you through the purchase process start to finish. Its simple, easy, and hopefully will lead to a successful closing!

So, relax.. ENJOY! We’ve covered most of the “most know” hot topics you will encounter, and when the time comes, believe us, you’ll be ready!

Believe us, you’re ready and we can help. Please click on the window below to start learning and get ready to purchase your FIRST HOME!

Amerikey Realty. “First Time Home Buying 101”