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8th Avenue South

Comedy and Urban Convenience

If you drive directly south of Nashville, down 8th Avenue just crossing over Wedgewood Avenue, you will enter an area called 8th Avenue South. A huge location of some of Nashville’s most famous businesses. 8th Ave South is home of many of Nashville’s most recognized names, including Zanies Comedy Club and Grimey’s New & Preloved Music. This neighborhood has long been a destination to see a show at Douglas Corner Cafe or to pick up a special furniture piece at 8th Avenue Antique Mall.

8th Avenue South along with the trendy Melrose area boast some of the most popular places both in dining and entertainment destinations in the city including: The Smiling Elephant, Love Peace and Pho, Sinema, M. L. Rose Bar, Arnolds, Hattie B’s Chicken, The Stillery, The Sutler, Pie Five, Twisted Taco, Fat Moe’s Burger Joint, Bolton’s Chicken and Fish, Cilantro, 8th and Roast Coffee Shop and The Urban Juicer.

There is also a huge concentration of apartment condos as well as neighboring single family homes and townhouses along cross streets and intersections.

An established place of commerce, 8th avenue is a big commuter road as it runs all the way down to Franklin, TN in Williamson County. The number of businesses continue to grow year after year. In the melrose area alone, there are two new strip malls newly constructed bringing a Chase Bank and a downtown Chic-fil-a location.

In addition to restaurants, there is also a large amount of retailers and businesses along its 2 mi stretch. This includes furniture stores, hardware, paint stores, medical offices, veterinarian offices, and even Churches.

8th avenue South continues to grow at a rapid rate with new businesses and mixed use development still climbing. The attractiveness isn’t hard to figure out, with such a centralized location to so many different popular areas in Nashville including, Downtown, Midtown, 12 South and the Gulch.

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Grimeys Record Shop

Vinyl and Vintage

Remember when people used to actually buy records? Like real records? Step in and journey back to one of Nashville’s oldest independent record shops. Their store covers just about every major band or artist, or composer that ever existed. It might be safe to say, that if you can’t find it here, then it doesn’t exist! Grimey’s Record Shop is located just up the corner from 8th Avenue South and Wedgewood.

Local shows from both major and indie artists are regularly preformed with long story and autograph signing sessions weekly.

If that wasn’t enough, Grimey’s also has its own venue in its basement called, you guessed it…”the basement.” Some of Nashville’s favorite acts got their career start at The Basement and major bands and artists like lady gaga and Metallica have also been known to play shows there.

But listeners be warned, they crank up  to 11 so be sure to bring your ear plugs!

Zanies Comedy Club

Where Comedy Rules

When it comes to comedy, Zanies Comedy Club is pretty much a National Institution. Zanies Comedy Club, located in Chicago, Illinois, was founded in November 1978 by Rick Uchwat. Since then, three other locations have been built: Nashville, Tennessee, St.Charles, Illinois, and Rosemont, Illinois. The Nashville located is right in the heart of 8th Avenue South

Since then, the roster of talent that has come through its doors has been unprecedented both in national names and rising stars. Some regulars that come through Nashville include: Bob Sagat, Rob Schneider, and SNL’s Jay Pharaoh

On a typically Friday or Saturday night, you will see a long line of anxious smiling faces wrapped around the building on the corner of 8th Avenue South and South Douglas Street.

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