Short Sales FAQ

Are You Facing Foreclosure? Loan in Default?
You have OPTIONS!! Stop the process!

Have you considered a SHORT SALE?
The Definition of Short Sale is the Agreed reduction of your mortgage principal pay off

How does this work?
Let our team of professionals guide you through the necessary procedure to get started.Often times, lenders will accept pennies on the dollar, allowing you to walk away from your loan with no deficiency judgement held against you.

This is a process. We can begin the process by contacting us to determine exactly which category you fall in to the short sale arena.

Example: How many payments behind are you, and what is your mortgage balance?
Have you already gone through a loan modification? Who is your lender? What is the current market value of your home? Do you have a first mortgage or a second mortgage as well? Do you live in the property as your primary residence? Is this a rental property or some other form of investment property? Do you own your home individually or with a spouse or other person?

We can determine your specific needs and are able to assess the probability of the short sale negotiation and acceptance with your mortgage lender.

Do NOT trust this important decision to anyone that does not have the experience and knowledge to help you, as this will only waste precious time.

Let our 25 years experience that includes the foreclosure, short sale arena specifically help you!